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My Java program loads classes dynamically at runtime. All classes are located in the same jar.

After deploying a new jar file, I sometimes get errors while the jar file is copying (NoClassDefFoundError etc.). This goes away the next time I run the program of course. Is there a way to preload classes so that my program is not affected when updating the jar?

I guess I could create instances of all classes and then clone() them, but perhaps there's a better way?

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Explain how is your app is loading dinamically the classes, simply "Class.forName"? Or something more complex to dinamically reload renewed jars? If it's the case you could make a dir rename to get the new classpath changed without waiting for a file copy. Or maybe using your own class-loaders (it's not difficult, I can guide you) –  helios Jan 18 '10 at 21:33
I think I may try a custom class-loader. I have read some articles and it should be interesting to spend some time on this. –  AnonCow Jan 21 '10 at 21:07

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Even if you load all the classes, you may still get errors from resources.

I suggest deploying to a different location if at all possible. Alternatively, if you can manager the class loading, copy the jar to a temporary file (which is automatically done for http URLs, for instance) or into memory.

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