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We have several .exe projects in our solution. What we are trying to achieve is when the project is built using TFS Team Build, we want MSBuild to create a ClickOnce file in the output folder. This was fairly easy to do: I simply added Publish to the DefaultTargets property of my project:

<Project DefaultTargets="Publish;Build" xmlns="" ToolsVersion="4.0">

This works, however, the ClickOnce application is created even when the project is built locally (e.g. in Debug mode). Is there a way to specify a condition so that Publish is invoked only when the condition is true? I tried to add a a new Target like this:

<Target Condition="$(TeamBuildOutDir) != ''" Name="Publish" />

But this doesn't work. I believe I need additional properties in my target tag to let the MSBuild know that I want a ClickOnce target on $(TeamBuildOutDir) != '', but I'm not sure how to do that. Any help is appreciated.


I tried this (without Condition="$(TeamBuildOutDir) != ''") just to see if it would work locally:

 <Target Name="AfterBuild">

However, I'm getting the following error:

There is a circular dependency in the target dependency graph involving target "AfterBuild"

But there is NO circular dependency in the project! The project builds just fine without this Target tag. I'm really confused.

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What about using the BuildingInsideVisualStudio property to determine when to call publish?

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I should add that the circular dependency is likely because you're calling the same project file it's building at the moment. So you would end up in a recursive loop. – Chris Feb 10 '14 at 20:18

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