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I have a script for updating a database table. I need to return a JSON array and to update some tables with JQUERY.

my php script:

$update = mysql_query("UPDATE PLD_SEARCHES SET STATUS = 1, TOTAL_RESULTS = ".$scrapper->getTotalResults().",RESULTS = $resultCounter WHERE ID = ".$searchId);
$output = array("status"=>"COMPLETED","results"=>$resultCounter,"totalResults"=>$scrapper->getTotalResults());
echo json_encode($output);

jquery code:

$("button").live("click", function(event){
                    $.getJSON("startsearch.php",{ searchId: $(this).val() }, function(data){

now ...the problem is that if i use $.post("startsearch.php",{ searchId: $(this).val() }, function(data)) the script gets executed and i get a nice alert with value undefined. if i add the parameter "json" the script doesn't get executed anymore. I tried to use getJSON but again the same problem.

Anybody has any ideas? I am desperate...this has been bugging me for almost a week and I still haven't managed to solve it.

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Have you tried logging 'data' with Firebug so you can inspect the object? –  JAL Jan 18 '10 at 21:35
it should be data.status, not data[0].status. See my complete answers below. –  Donny Kurnia Jan 19 '10 at 1:58
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In your php file make sure to set the correct content type:

header("Content-type: application/json; charset=utf-8");

so that jquery can correctly eval the response into a json object.

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eval is evil :) Use json2.js from json.org for more peace in mind ;) –  Donny Kurnia Jan 19 '10 at 1:59
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You can get to your response data as follows:

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please don't use alert, install firebug into your firefox or enable the javascript console in chrome or safari. after that you can use console.log(data);

my guess is that data isn't an array. also have a look at the each() exmaple on the jquery docs http://docs.jquery.com/Ajax/jQuery.getJSON

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Well, I'm trusting json2.js to parse the json data returned from AJAX request. You can download it from http://json.org. This library provide a better way to parse any string, and will throw an exception if the sting is not in json.

I always write my AJAX request like this:

  { PARAM },
    try {
      var r = JSON.parse(data);
      //this for your code above
      alert (r.status); //should be 'COMPLETED'
    catch (e) {
      //data is not in json format, or there are another exception in try block
      //do something about it
      alert('Exception occured, please check the data!');

When processing json, the array in php will become a variable member in json. So if in your php it is $output['status'], then in json, it will be r.status.

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