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The following link pretty much describes the problem I have.

In a Dunit project and exe version info is disabled, how do I get it back?

The difference is that in my case I'm using Delphi 2007, I have the "Include version information in project" checked and can't uncheck it, and I do have the {$R *.res} in my project file. I'm not sure what else could be the problem.

Here's the list of files I got for the package:

01/02/2014  05:41 PM             7,338 CnvBpl.dpk
01/03/2014  12:26 PM            60,643 CnvBpl.dproj
01/02/2014  05:53 PM                62 CnvBpl.dproj.local
01/02/2014  06:55 PM           368,559 CnvBpl.drc
01/02/2014  05:55 PM            10,938 CnvBpl.dsk
01/02/2014  05:28 PM             3,180 CnvBpl.res
12/26/2013  11:16 AM               710 CnvBpl.txt
01/02/2014  05:41 PM            10,937 CnvBpl.~dsk

Here's the content of the package:

package CnvBpl;

{$R *.res}
{$ALIGN 8}

There's no other reference to a .res file in the .dpr.

I also deleted the .res file and let delphi recreate it but I still get the checkbox disabled.

Edited 1/6/2014

I manually modified the .dproj file to have this:

...Package_Options><VersionInfo><VersionInfo Name="IncludeVerInfo">False</VersionInfo><VersionInfo Name="AutoIncBuild">False</VersionInfo>...

When I open the package again with Delphi IDE it still shows the check box grayed out and enabled. If I make another change to the project and save it, it saves the setting back as True in the .dproj file.

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What's in the .res file? What is its name? What is the name of your .dpr file? –  David Heffernan Jan 3 '14 at 8:30

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If you only want to disable version info, you can do that by editing the dproj file. But I have no idea, why the ide won't let you do that. Usually it's because the {*.res} entry is missing, but that apparently isn't the case.

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