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How can I grab an empty parameter name in PHP e.g. http://yoursite.com/?123 > "123" ?

I want to use this as URL shortener to redirect to the ID from the parameter.

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Through $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] you can access this. –  dimimpou Jan 3 at 0:19
Check the answer in this post, problem is simular: stackoverflow.com/a/255335/3143634 –  Lexib0y Jan 3 at 0:21

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You have built-in function that will parse your URL parse_url() and string query parser parse_str():

$url = 'http://yoursite.com/?123&a=b&abc=';
$parsed = parse_url($url);
parse_str($parsed['query'], $query);


Keys in array $query that have empty string as value, are the keys you are looking for.

$filtered = array_filter($query, function($v) { return empty($v); });
#$filtered = array_keys($filtered);


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Thanks, but as dimimpou pointed out, $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'] does just fine. Added is_numeric() and whoop! –  Martin Jan 3 at 0:37
@Martin: I miss-understood the question, I thought you have URL saved in the variable. p.s. What if someone adds some custom parameters to the URL? Like ?test=abc&123 ? –  Glavić Jan 3 at 0:38
Oh, sorry. Then he fails which is fine for being a hacker :) –  Martin Jan 3 at 0:41
@Martin: hacker, lol ;) Some links are changed by google or FB, who append there own parameters. You should check that case scenario, and not leave it in the 'air' ;) –  Glavić Jan 3 at 0:44

Use array_keys to fetch all keys.


array(1) { 0 => "123" }

"123" will also appear if you iterate over $_GET, like with foreach.

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