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I'm creating a program that measures how much memory is used, i can figure out a function that analyzes how much it uses within the actual code, as well as whats wrong with my program it wont compile?

#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>
#include "pdh.h"
#include "TCHAR.h"

using namespace std;

class CountVowels {
     string sentence;
     int vowelA;
     int vowelE;
     int vowelO;
     int vowelI;
     int vowelU;

    CountVowels(string s){
        sentence = s;
        vowelA = 0;
        vowelE = 0;
        vowelO = 0;
        vowelI = 0;
        vowelU = 0;

    int getACount(){
        return vowelA;
    int getECount(){
        return vowelE;
    int getICount(){
        return vowelI;

    int getOCount(){
        return vowelO;
    int getUCount(){
        return vowelU;

    void count(){
    //int number = 0;
        int length = sentence.length();
        cout << "Length: " << length << endl;

        for(int i = 0; i < length; i++){
            //      char letter = sentence.substr(i,1);
            char letter = sentence.at(i);
            cout << "Letter: " << letter << endl;
            if(letter == 'A'){
                vowelA = vowelA + 1;
            if(letter == 'E'){
                vowelE = vowelE + 1;
            if(letter == 'I'){
                vowelI = vowelI + 1;
            if(letter == 'O'){
                vowelO = vowelO + 1;
            if(letter == 'U'){
               vowelU = vowelU + 1;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])

    string sentence = "KAEHONG";
//    cin >> sentence;

    //cout << "Computer: Hi, " << sentence << "! You're a real swell person!" << endl;
    CountVowels letter(sentence);
//    letter.setValues(sentence);
//    letter(sentence);

//    return 0;

      cout << "Number of A: " << letter.getACount() << endl;
         static PDH_HQUERY cpuQuery;
    static PDH_HCOUNTER cpuTotal;

    void init(){
        PdhOpenQuery(NULL, NULL, &cpuQuery);
        PdhAddCounter(cpuQuery, L"\\Processor(_Total)\\% Processor Time", NULL,              &cpuTotal);

    double getCurrentValue(){
        PDH_FMT_COUNTERVALUE counterVal;

        PdhGetFormattedCounterValue(cpuTotal, PDH_FMT_DOUBLE, NULL, &counterVal);
    return counterVal.doubleValue;

    return EXIT_SUCCESS;


Thanks, for any help! i just can't find the errors in blocks, im terrible at debugging

EDIT** im soo sorry for my mistake, im new Ill post the compiler errors: http://gyazo.com/32d4f79363263028f750f464d0376c33

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How does this involve Python? –  iCodez Jan 3 at 2:25
If you want people to help you debug compiler errors, you really need to post the compiler errors! –  abarnert Jan 3 at 2:35
And meanwhile, instead of asking half a dozen questions in one, none of which can be even approached until the last one is fixed, post separate questions, or just post a single question with the first problem you're stuck on. –  abarnert Jan 3 at 2:35
Or, if you want someone to guess everything you need and do all the work for you, you can always hire a programmer. –  abarnert Jan 3 at 2:36
Also, how does this involve regex? Or C? Throwing random tags onto a question is not a good way to get more answers, it's a good way to get people who are Python or regex or C experts to downvote your C++ question. –  abarnert Jan 3 at 2:51
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I can see two obvious syntax errors. Because your code doesn't actually make that much sense, and your indentation is too inconsistent to figure out your intended program structure, I'm going to have to make some guesses at how to fix them.

First, your getCurrentValue function doesn't have a } at the end. Your compiler should give you an error something like this:

syn.cpp:126:2: error: expected '}'

So, add a } on the line after the return counterVal.doubleValue;

Second, it looks like you're trying to define init and getCurrentValue as local functions, inside main. But C++ doesn't have local functions, so… you can't do that.

So, take everything from void init(){ to that } that you just added above, cut them, and paste them back above the int main(int argc, char *argv[]) line.

That will get rid of the syntax errors. Next, you're trying to use cpuQuery and cpuTotal from scopes where they aren't declared. These will get compiler errors like this:

syn.cpp:89:35: error: use of undeclared identifier 'cpuQuery'
        PdhOpenQuery(NULL, NULL, &cpuQuery);

The only variables named cpuQuery and cpuTotal that are declared anywhere in your code are static variables within the main function. That means they can only be used in main. That's the whole point of scopes.

If you want global variables, you have to declare them globally.

So, but those two declarations out of main and paste them up near the top of the file, maybe right after the using namespace std;.

You're also including what look like system headers with "" instead of <>, but you can get away with that even though it's wrong. Assuming you're passing the right types of variables to the right functions and haven't misspelled their names, it should now compile.

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