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I am not asking how to write GUI for a command line program as it has been answered many times here like this: Writing front end gui for commandline application

My target program is cscope (cscope -d), that uses ncurse-like CUI (console UI). cscope has a basic and pretty much unmaintained GUI written in Tcl/TK (cbrowser), but I don't know too much about the language.

I'd like to use python and tkinter instead. To my understanding, my GUI frontend has to use IPC to pass user command to the CUI and receive the CUI output. But do I need to write an ad-hoc parser for that purpose? Is there a library that can deal with it? Even if I do need to write a parser, would it be as straightforward as to streaming back and forth stdout/stdin/stderr?

Any thoughts are welcome.

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Apparently very, very few people know how to use Python to write a command-line frontend. I've asked questions and gotten almost no responses. –  Dave Brunker Mar 23 at 19:46

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