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I'm using scanf() for user input:

- (void)setupUserData {
     NSLog(@"\nPlease enter an account number:");
     scanf("%i", &accountNumber);
     NSLog(@"\nPlease enter a bank balance");
     scanf("%f", &startBalance);

It works well when I enter an actual integer, but if I input a character, my code just breaks. Is there a way I can check what the user has typed, or to prevent the user from entering anything other than an integer?

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You can check scanf ruturn value to determine if he inputed something illegal –  silentboy Jan 3 at 4:04
And how would I do that? –  Mutch95 Jan 3 at 4:15
Just google what scanf return! –  silentboy Jan 3 at 4:20

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scanf() returns the number of arguments that were successfully filled. Since you're only filling 1 argument, a return value of 0 would indicate that the input was invalid.


if (scanf("%i", &accountNumber) == 0) {
    NSLog(@"Invalid account number");
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