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Following is the PROCESS_MEMORY_COUNTERS structure

  DWORD  cb;
  DWORD  PageFaultCount;
  SIZE_T PeakWorkingSetSize;
  SIZE_T WorkingSetSize;
  SIZE_T QuotaPeakPagedPoolUsage;
  SIZE_T QuotaPagedPoolUsage;
  SIZE_T QuotaPeakNonPagedPoolUsage;
  SIZE_T QuotaNonPagedPoolUsage;
  SIZE_T PagefileUsage;
  SIZE_T PeakPagefileUsage;

Which member of the structure gives the current used memory of the specific process?

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The structure member


gives the current used memory.

The working set is the amount of memory physically mapped to the process context at a given time.

Ref.:Process Memory Usage Information.

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