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For example, I want to find all nodes with a certain tag, grab their IP address, then generate a config file to distribute to those nodes.

A use case might be a database that needs to know about every other node, but can have nodes added and removed at any time.

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You can use Salt Mine to do it. First, distribute this configuration to all the Minions:

    - roles
    - fqdn_ip4

With that configuration, every Minion will publish those two grains to all other minions. More details about Mine here.

Now, we can create a file with all the names with role=db.

    - managed
    - source: salt://example/myhosts
    - template: mako

The template example/myhosts:

% for minion, peer_grains in salt['mine.get']('*', 'grains.items').items():
% if "db" in peer_grains["role"]:
minion peer_grains["fqdn_ip4"]
% endif
% endfor
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Perfect. Thanks @diegows. – Gerald Kaszuba Jan 5 '14 at 22:35

I have a hacky solution, so hopefully someone else can find a better answer.

The approach is to create a Python script that runs salt to grab the YAML output of network.ip_addrs eth0 then use that to call a particular sls with a pillar.

I made an example prototype which still needs to be implemented and tweaked:

#!/usr/bin/env python
import subprocess
import yaml

# Query all db nodes for their ip addresses
data = subprocess.check_output(
    'salt -G "role:db" network.ip_addrs eth0',
data = yaml.load(data)

# Parse and reshuffle for pillar input
addrs = []
for a in data.values():
addrs = yaml.dump({'db_peers': addrs})

# Update configuration file on each node
data = subprocess.check_output(
    'salt -G "role:db" state.sls db.configure pillar="{}"'.format(addrs),

This will execute something along the lines of:

salt -G "role:db" state.sls db.configure pillar="db_peers: [,]"

This could potentially be put into a module, but I'm not sure how to nicely ask salt-minion to communicate to the master to run db.configure on other nodes. I could simply execute the command similar to the script above.

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