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I try to play with number while practice python and i try to save it as a text or word document, but when saved, the file doesn't have a format, and i think python default saved it as a text file (.txt) but i m wrong its saved like a unknown format file

this is my code

    def Calculator(self):
        input1 = self.ui.lineEdit1.text()
        input2 = self.ui.lineEdit2.text()
        compare = ''
        if input1 == input2:
            compare = 'Yes its Same Number'
            compare = 'You input different number'

    def save(self, savein):
        with open(savein, 'w') as f:
            f.write( 'Number 1 :' + str(self.ui.lineEdit1.text()) )
            f.write( 'Number 2 :' + str(self.ui.lineEdit2.text()) )
            f.write( 'Conclusion :' + str(self.ui.textBrowser.toPlainText()) )
    def savefile(self):
        if self.savein:
     "%s" % self.savein )

    def saveAs(self):
        tulis = QtGui.QFileDialog(self).getSaveFileName()
        if filename !="":
            _filename = "%s" % filename
   _filename )

and when i try to open it with notepad it writen in one line, like this:

Number 1 :20000Input 2 :3000000Conclusion :You input different number

what must i add so it save output as a list, like this:

Number 1:20000
Number 2:30000
Conclusion : Different


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Watch out, "%s" % filename is an anti-pattern, especially since filename is already a string. Just do filename ) instead. – SethMMorton Jan 3 '14 at 7:09

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add \n at the end of the line, for example, change:

f.write( 'Number 1 :' + str(self.ui.lineEdit1.text()) )


f.write( 'Number 1 :' + str(self.ui.lineEdit1.text()) + '\n')


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wow it works thank you.. but if you mind i have 1 question again, how can i save file in text (.txt) or word ( .doc), i read in other post that i can add {.encode} but did it requires me to install a codec or add on? – user3044923 Jan 3 '14 at 8:45
@user3044923 if you want to save the file with .txt extension it's done exactly like you do it. Saving to .doc extension is a different story since it's not just a different encoding, it's a different format which requires some kind of processing. Check out the following: – alfasin Jan 3 '14 at 23:48

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