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I seem to have a problem with django-auth-ldap

So when using the following mapping

AUTH_LDAP_USER_ATTR_MAP = {"first_name": "givenName", "last_name": "sn"}

If I log a user in or populate a user which then stores the UserObject from ldap into my database it works but only partly

So my current django user Model has a first_name,lastname

Now when a ldap attribute is changed and I login/populate the user it changes accordingly in my database


if an attribute is changed to empty it looks like it is removed from ldap so it does not exist if I do a search for it. When I login/populate now the old information stays in my database where it should change to an empty entry?

If I could store empty strings inside of a ldap attribute it should work but I only get invalid syntax errors if I try and do that.

Kind Regards

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