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When I run top -p <pid> command, I can see that process is using about 10% of cpu but when I press "H" to list threads, cpu usage of each of the thread is shown as 0%.

Why is that so? I want to see Java threads CPU usage in realtime, is top not the best way?

Screenshots (before pressing H)

enter image description here

After pressing H-

enter image description here

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If you prefer to work with a script like tool there is also jvmtop that gives you the cpu usage per thread.

Sample output bellow.

Sample output

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You can use jconsole if you are using the Sun Java JDK Distribution. It is built in as part of the bundle from Java 1.5 onwards if I am not mistaken. You can see Threads, Classes loaded, Memory Usage and CPU Usage of JVMs in real time.

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does it show CPU usage by each thread? –  user375868 Jan 3 at 8:05
try out visualvm to start with, it will show you each thread usage and a lot more like GC etc. jconsole is similar. –  zengr Jan 3 at 8:18
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You can use VisualVM or jconsole.

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Java 1.6 and above version have inbuild java tools for monitoring / debugging java modules. Here isthe below sample script : ` #/bin/bash

#Initilization of variable
CUREENT_DATE=`date -d "0 day" "+%Y%m%d"`      #2012-06-22
CURRENT_MONTH=`date -d "0 month" "+%B%Y"`      #June2012
LAST_DATE=`date -d "1 day ago" "+%Y%m%d"`  #2012-06-21
MSG="No Message"

if [ ! -d $BASE_PATH ];then
        echo " Base Directory not exists![$BASE_PATH]"
if [ ! -d $SCRIPT_LOGS ];then
                echo " Log Directory note found [$SCRIPT_LOGS]"
                mkdir -p $SCRIPT_LOGS

##LOG Directory
if [ ! -d $CUREENT_DATE ];then
                echo " Log Directory note found [$CUREENT_DATE]"
                mkdir -p $CUREENT_DATE

log_file_path="$SCRIPT_LOGS/${CUREENT_DATE}-"`basename $0 .sh`".log"

echo "############ Script:$log_file_path##################" >$log_file_path

cd $JAVA_PATH/bin
BOOTSTRAP=`${JAVA_PATH}/bin/jps|grep Bootstrap|cut -d " " -f1`
if [ $? -ne 0 ];then
                        echo "No Bootstrap PID exists[${JAVA_PATH}/bin/jps|grep Bootstrap]" >>$log_file_path

#If log file not exists
        if [ ! -f ${BASE_PATH}/${CUREENT_DATE}/gcutil.txt ];then
                touch ${BASE_PATH}/${CUREENT_DATE}/gcutil.txt
                echo "Timestamp         S0     S1     E      O      P     YGC     YGCT    FGC    FGCT     GCT" > ${BASE_PATH}/${CUREENT_DATE}/gcutil.txt

        ./jstat -gcutil -t $BOOTSTRAP|grep -v Timestamp >> ${BASE_PATH}/${CUREENT_DATE}/gcutil.txt
        PERM=`jstat -gcutil -t  ${BOOTSTRAP}  | grep -v Timestamp|awk -F " " '{print $6}'`

                #if [ ${PERM} -ge ${THRESHOLD} ];then
                if [ $PERM > $THRESHOLD ];then
                         MSG="MCOM: Alert `date` on ${HOSTIP} Server Current Perm is  :: ${PERM}%"


fi `

OUTPUT save in :: ../YYYYMMDD/gcutil.txt

Timestamp         S0     S1     E      O      P     YGC     YGCT    FGC    FGCT     GCT
        16193.4   0.00  59.95  55.13  93.86  89.63    226   26.192    41   48.532   74.724
        16196.5   0.00  59.95  55.14  93.86  89.63    226   26.192    41   48.532   74.724
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