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I've just installed the last apache release httpd-2.4.7, next I istalled the last python 3.3.3 release, then I added mod_wsgi and restarted apache - so, at this point everything is ok. At the next stage I downloaded the last release of django 1.6.1 and also installed it (python setup.py install). Now I want to connect mysql (the version does not really matter for me) and python, but do not now how and do not know if it is possible. The catch is, I want not only to connect python and mysql, but also django and mysql (I heard, it is possible to have python and mysql connected, but django and mysql disconnected). So, I need two simplest instructions: 1) How to connect python and mysql 2) How to connect django and mysql - the simplest example would be enough.

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This question makes no sense at all. There's no such thing as a "connection" between MySQL and Python in the sense you seem to be using. And Django is just Python. In any case, full instructions on getting Django to talk to mysql are in the docs. – Daniel Roseman Jan 3 '14 at 8:18
The case is, I worked with PHP for several years and make my first steps with python. So, it's quite ok, that I do not know some terminology. – Jacobian Jan 3 '14 at 8:38
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MySQLdb (the native driver for MySQL) is not compatible with Python3 yet; but the driver from Oracle for MySQL, called MySQL Connector/Python is compatible with Python 3.

You should use the Oracle driver. django works with both.

Once you have the driver installed, follow the connection section in the documentation.

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Thank you, sir! You gave perfect instructions! – Jacobian Jan 3 '14 at 8:35

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