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Actually I have some html code in java string variable which is some wrong syntax but i want convert it as for html correct syntax.

String badHtmlData="<p> <textarea style="display:none"/> some data  here <textarea/>  
some other data here </p>"

now i want make it as like the following

String badHtmlData="<p> <textarea style="display:none"></textarea> some data 
here <textarea></textarea>  some other data here </p>"
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You can use robot framework to convert bad html to safe html .. –  Avinash Babu Jan 3 at 8:14

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I recommend you HTMLCleaner, probably the best solution. If you would develop your own, I recommend you and HTML parser: jSoup.

For more info see this another Stackoverflow thread:


Plus, you can use the W3C HTML validator via its API: W3C Validator API

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Of course there is no guarantee that such a tool turns the incorrect HTML into the HTML that you desire. –  Gimby Jan 3 at 8:30
Of course there is not a 100% guarantee, but those tools are usefull to achieve this goal. –  Rafa Romero Jan 3 at 8:33
My [point being that the OP is clearly looking for a guarantee given the desired output that is mentioned. IMO the requirement is inherently unsolvable through mere cleanup tools; either you have strict rules what the output for a given input is so you can write the code to do the conversion (optionally with the help of tools), or you actually state garbage in = garbage out and you put a contract on the input data that it needs to be correct and then only validate it. But that's just me. –  Gimby Jan 3 at 8:40

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