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There is bridged connection of eth0,wlan0,wlan1 on one wireless access point.

And bridge has only one IP address of one subnet like 10.4.x.x

I want to run bidirectional iperf test between this AP and one station on wireless link.

station has two interfaces

eth0 - 10.4.x.x
wlan0 - 10.5.x.x

if I run iperf-server on AP and iperf-client on Station, it works well and traffic goes from wireless interface. (by specifying bind address as 10.5.x.x in iperf-client)

But I can't get traffic on wlan when I run test with Station as iperf-server and AP as iperf-client. in this test...

on Station iperf-server is bind on 10.5.x.x. 
on AP, iperf-client is bind on 10.4.x.x.(ip of bridge)

This problem can be solved by removing wlan0 from bridge on AP and giving 10.5.x.x IP to wlan of AP

I want to know is there any way to do this without removing wlan0 from bridge?

Is there a way to specify interface name in -B option of iperf?

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can you alter the routing tables? Also would be nice if you could draw a scheme and include the routing tables on the devices. –  Dmitri Chubarov Jan 5 at 7:51

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