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I'm a newbie with IDEs, I used Eclipse so far but more like an fancy text editor. I now switched to Netbeans and set it up for Joomla extension development, for which I followed the steps in various tutorials.
Everything works great except debugging. I set up xdebug and it works if I have breakpoints in the Joomla index.php file, but breakpoints in the php files of my component (for example in on e of the model functions) were just ignored.

My setup:
Joomla 2.5
Netbeans 7.4

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In both eclipse and netbeans, a prerequisite for debugging is that the project is built.

"Building" doesn't do anything real: php code is not compiled. But it allows the IDE to build a dependency tree, validate the code, allow code completion and follow execution flow from one class to the next.

To build, in eclipse either right click on the project or choose Project/Build from the menu. I have set Build automatically so the resources stay in sync while I work:

enter image description here

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I googled but couldn't really find what I need to do. Do you mean with ANT? "Build Project" in Netbeans -> Run is grayed out –  josh21 Jan 3 at 20:25
Are you using Build Automatically? That should be sufficient, try turning it off and hopefully it will un-gray. I edited the answer with a screenshot from eclipse/php. –  Riccardo Zorn Jan 4 at 0:13
I can't find that option in Netbeans –  josh21 Jan 7 at 2:32
docs.joomla.org/NetBeans_overview might give you what you need apparently netbeans fails to detect the web root sometimes, look up the chapter named "Creating a project and debugging" –  Riccardo Zorn Jan 8 at 7:59
I deleted in 'project properties' -> 'Run Configuration' all Configurations except <default> and changed there the 'Project URL' from localhost/joomla to localhost/joomla/administrator (Index File: index.php) since I want to debug in the backend. And I restarted Netbeans. –  josh21 Jan 8 at 20:00

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