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I am using the Google Feeds API to display the last 7 entries. Its working very well. However we have got a new requirement to display only the last week's feeds.


Is there any way to pass a date parameter and fetch all feeds starting from that date ?


I tried reading the feed api page but didnt see anything of that sort. So my thoughts is I will fetch 100 feeds, store them in an array and then check the date and display them. However this is really not a good solution.

Any ideas on this ?

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Try this method:

var query = 'daterange:2014-02-10..';
google.feeds.findFeeds(query, findDone);


google.feeds.findFeeds(query, callback) is using search request format for the query:

query supplies the search query for the list of feeds

Daterange is a request format:

Restrict search to documents with modification dates that fall within a time frame. You can search any dates between 1900-01-01 and 2079-06-06

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