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I'm trying to set the 'statusline' option of a quickfix window like this:

setlocal statusline=%t%.66{'\ '.w:quickfix_title}%=\ %11.(%c,%l/%L\ %P%)

But when the field %.66{'\ '.w:quickfix_title} is longer than 66 characters, its left side is truncated by default. I want it to be right truncated so I can see the beginning of this field.

(I notice that Vim provides %< to also truncate from the left hand. But there's no %> as a counterpart.)

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I come up with a solution during writing this question:

Just replace %.66{'\ '.w:quickfix_title} with %{strpart('\ '.w:quickfix_title,0,66)}

See h strpart(

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It's always nice to see that just by formulating the problem, the solution often comes to mind. –  Ingo Karkat Jan 3 '14 at 9:30

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