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How to print values in console (like System.out.println() in java) using scriplet in javascript while a function is called ? if i used System.out.println("test") in scriplet the values is getting printed while a jsp form is loading but i want it to print only when a java script is called.

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you can use console.log(""); for client side logging. And if required you can log errors using the link above. Otherwise i am afraid simple logging from client side to server site cannot be achieved. –  Lakshmi Jan 3 at 10:08

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 System.out.println ("test");

That is java and you cannot execute that on client side.

You might looking for


And while page loading it's printing because the jsp you are submitting processing on server side and java code executes there.

In short:

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thnx for the quick response,but this can only be user with browser but i want to print console in my server log file –  hemalatha karunakaran Jan 3 at 10:01
No ,you cannot.You should log the user activity on server side. Not with what he is doing on client side. Probably you need that link which Lakshmi added in comments –  sᴜʀᴇsʜ ᴀᴛᴛᴀ Jan 3 at 10:04


console.log('Hello World!');
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