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I was struggling with this and couldn't find an answer that works. I want to prevent someone from dragging an image on a page or make a right click on it (or future one that is displayed dynamically and save it.

I solved preventing right clicking through:

$(document).on('contextmenu', '.notRightClick', function(e){ return false; });

...but I can't disable draggable effect. I tried this : '.notRightClick'.draggable( 'disable' ) but doesn't work for future elements.

Update Note: The img I want to drag has the class 'notRightClick :

<img class="notRightClick" src="someimgurl" alt="">

If anyone knows, that would be helpful. Thanks

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$(document).on('contextmenu drag dragstart', '.notRightClick', function(e){
    return false;
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drag doesn't work (at least on chrome), dragstart will –  A. Wolff Jan 3 at 10:27
@A.Wolff: ah? I had assumed that drag was a custom jQuery UI event (triggered automatically), rather than a native event (which was silly of me, frankly). Added to the above code (and I already up-voted @user3008011's answer). –  David Thomas Jan 3 at 10:29
seems fair! Already upvoted both answers anyway ;) –  A. Wolff Jan 3 at 10:31
Ok, dragStart doesn't work..should be lowercase -> dragstart and works fine!! Please amend and will select it as the right answer. Thanks. –  BogdiG Jan 3 at 11:29
$('img').on('dragstart', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); });
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Doesn't work for me..I can still drag.. –  BogdiG Jan 3 at 10:37
Are you able to drag the google image in this fiddle? –  user3008011 Jan 3 at 10:54
No I can't drag but your img doesn't have a class. Add a class to that image (eg : <img class="notRightClick" etc> and try again to disable drag on the class '.notRightClick"..doesn't work. –  BogdiG Jan 3 at 11:01
Like this? fiddle –  user3008011 Jan 3 at 11:03
That's fine, but doesn't work on future elements. The answer of @David Thomas works but dragStart should be lower case otherwise won't work. Anyway, thanks for your input. –  BogdiG Jan 3 at 11:31

One workaround is :

$(document).on('mousedown', '.notRightClick', function(e){ return false; });

This disables the behaviour for mousedown which also includes the drag feature

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