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I am using windows with CygWin to learn hadoop.

I have a very curious case.

I am trying to start in pseudo distribution mode.

When I use the


I get the below message

kagarwal@SIN-KAGARWAL /usr/local/hadoop-1.2.1/bin
$ ./start-all.sh

starting namenode, logging to


localhost: Connection closed by

localhost: Connection closed by

starting jobtracker, logging to


localhost: Connection closed by

so basically only the namenode and jobtracker starts

for datanode and tasktracker we get

"localhost: Connection closed by"

So I tried starting the standalone datanode and it works

However for some reason it would not work as a Daemon process

I tried the below command to run it as a daemon process and it also fails.

kagarwal@SIN-KAGARWAL /usr/local/hadoop-1.2.1/bin
$ ./hadoop-daemons.sh --config "/usr/local/hadoop-1.2.1/libexec/../conf" start datanode

we reached here


Did we reach here


localhost: Connection closed by

Since this does not generate any logs it is almost impossible to debug this for me since I am a newbie to Hadoop

Please advise

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