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The RichTextBox supports a spellcheck option which is very nice. (SpellCheck.IsEnabled = true)

But I cannot seem to get it to another language. (I live in the Netherlands.. ;))

Does any of you have an experience with the SpellCheck option of TextBox?

I know it can be change by changing the keyboard settings, but I want to change it in the application.

What I have tried so far (and did not work):

  • Changing the CurrentCulture on the current Thread.
  • Changing the Language property in xaml in "nl-NL"
  • Changing the Language property in code with the XmlLanguage.GetLanguage("nl-NL");

You should not get any spelling errors with the following line:

"Dit is een Nederlandse tekst."

The RFC 3066 language key of my language is "nl-NL"

Many thanks, Rick

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This link indicates that your language is not one of the 4 languages that SpellCheck supports: http://www.dev102.com/2008/03/25/customize-spellcheck-on-wpf-text-controls/

Not sure why they limited it to only 4 languages. My initial searches did not find a workaround. :-(

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Although it was not the answer I was looking for ;).. thanks for making it clear that it only supports 4 languages :( –  Arcturus Oct 20 '08 at 7:43

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