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I wrote a loader class that has a tries property that indicates how many times to retry loading a url if an error code is returned. For instance with Twitter, the loader would retry loading a method call if a fail whale is returned, since the next call would probably return success.

I specify the many errors that can be dispatched with string constants, so there's XMLLoaderError.IO, XMLLoaderError.SECURITY, etc. I'm having trouble thinking of a name for the error dispatched if the number of tries exceeds the tries property. At first, I thought XMLLoaderError.TRIES_EXCEEDED, but I'm certain there's something better out there. I considered XMLLoaderError.TIMEOUT, but timeout is more of a single load error. Or I can be clever and use XMLLoaderError.TRYOUT (jk) Any ideas?

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++ XMLLoaderError.TRIES_EXCEEDED. Or maybe XMLLoaderError.TRY_COUNT_EXCEEDED? Either way it's clear what the error is about... –  heavilyinvolved Jan 19 '10 at 1:29
'tries' should probably be 'retries': XMLLoaderError.MAX_RETRIES_EXCEEDED –  timoxley Jan 19 '10 at 1:40

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Since your other errors indicate the type/genre of error that occurred - ie. "SECURITY" or "IO" - and these are within the XMLLoader context, why not just name it TRY? XMLLoaderError.TRY makes sense to me - or actually, XMLLoaderError.RETRIES probably makes even more sense!

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I actually renamed tries to retryCount, so the error followed your suggestion as XMLLoaderError.RETRY_COUNT. –  destroytoday Jan 19 '10 at 5:21

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