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Am new to WPF .Previously was worked with Windows 8 /Windows phone application developer. I created a List application using ListBox in WPF. Since i wanted to test the application on a touch device i tried to run it's .exe file on my Windows 8 Surface tablet. I could not run my application.

Can't I run WPF application on Windows 8 tablet? Currently am working & running it using a Windows 8 PC , Where it runs. Please provide any information regarding this.

Or how we can create my application's package so that we could run it on Windows 8 surface tablet ?

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For the Surface Pro tablets, you should still be able to run WPF. However, the standard tablets will only run Store Apps.

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my tablet is WinRT Surface 32GB. So what about it? –  asitis Jan 3 at 12:55
@asitis to the best of my knowledge, RT tablets will only run RT programs (i.e. store apps) –  pm_2 Jan 3 at 13:02
See stackoverflow.com/questions/13842592/…. Another interesting read is blogs.computerworld.com/windows/23194/…. This make sense as there are some nice Atom based tablets that will run WPF desktop applications and they are cheaper than Surface RT. –  Mark Jan 3 at 13:04
ok.Got the thing.Thanks –  asitis Jan 3 at 13:07
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