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How to open a URL in a window in "Maximized" mode using Crossrider appAPI.openURL ?

Based on the Crossrider APIs located here, appAPI.openURL , you can open a URL in a new tab or in a window (with width and height) as below:

    url: "http://www.mysite.com",
    where: "window",
    height: 300,
    width: 500

How can you open the window in "Maximized" mode without using the width and height (but not in a new tab but in a new window)? I tried taking out the width and height options, but the window does not open in "Maximized" mode. Any help would be appreciated?

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In general, opening a window in FullScreen mode is considered bad practice and is not recommended; hence, the Crossrider appAPI.openURL does not implement this feature. For more information, see Window.open and search for fullscreen in the page.

Having said that, you can try approximating the feature by opening a window with its width and height properties set to the corresponding window.screen properties.

[Disclaimer: I am a Crossrider employee]

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How can you open a window "maximized"? I actually meant "maximized" not "fullscreen"...my bad. –  Ali007 Jan 6 at 3:04
@Ali007 The solution I provided in the answer is in effect opening the browser maximized. I tested the following code in Chrome and it does the job, please test in other browsers: appAPI.openURL({ url: 'http://google.com', where: 'window', height: window.screen.height, width: window.screen.width }); –  Shlomo Jan 6 at 5:13
I have tried that workaround approach before and it works fine. Just wanted to know if the appAPI.openURL has any built-in option that can open window truly "maximized" that I don't know about. Thanks for mentioning that though. –  Ali007 Jan 6 at 9:58
Similar to the FullScreen behavior, the opening maximized behavior is not supported, by all browsers (see Window.open and search for "How do I force a maximized window"). Who can argue with that? ;-) –  Shlomo Jan 6 at 11:26
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