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I have been creating phpunit testcases using selenium. See the example below that runs using the Firefox browser. I want to run this test in a few listed browsers. So can anyone help me to do this please?

        class HeaderViewServer extends PHPUnit_Extensions_Selenium2TestCase{
            public function setUp()
                $this->setHost('localhost'); // Set the hostname for the connection to the Selenium server.
                $this->setPort(4444); // set port # for connection to selenium server
                $this->setBrowser('firefox'); // set the browser to be used
                $this->setBrowserUrl('http://www.munsterrugby.ie/');  // set base URL for tests

            public function testServer()
                $this->url('home.php'); // Set the URL to test
            $this->assertEquals('Munster Rugby | Official Website : Home', $this->title());
            print("Testcase '" . __FUNCTION__ . "'" . " successfully passed\xA");          
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