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I want to add a Swing component (JTree) to my code which employs SWT.
Is there any way by which we can accomplish this?
I know that we have TreeViewer component in SWT/Jface, but i have got an already developed Jtree implemenatation and would like to add that, instead of rewriting using TreeViewer.

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You can use the SWT/AWT Bridge.

Composite composite = new Composite(parent, SWT.EMBEDDED | SWT.NO_BACKGROUND);
Frame frame = SWT_AWT.new_Frame(composite);

The SWT_AWT.newFrame(Compisite) method will return a java.awt.Frame. Since a Frame is a Container you can add any Component. Thus also a swing component.

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+1, that works like a charm. Though there is one issue with the alignment, not able to position the added Jpanel. I have updated the question with the same. –  Unni Kris Jan 3 at 14:48
the issue was with the parent composite. Marked the question as accepted. –  Unni Kris Jan 3 at 16:06

The http://wiki.eclipse.org/Albireo_Project might help:

"The Albireo project builds on the SWT_AWT bridge to provide more complete Swing/SWT integration, resulting in a better "out-of-the-box" experience and more credibility for the entire notion of Swing/SWT integration."

Extend the SwingControl and implement createSwingComponent() and getLayoutAncestor(). http://eclipsesrc.appspot.com/jsrcs/org.eclipse.albireo/org.eclipse.albireo.core/src/org/eclipse/albireo/core/SwingControl.java.html

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