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Many classifieds sites request a user's zipcode to narrow content results to the user's region or metro area. (e.g. I type in 37803 and get Knoxville, TN, the appropriate metro region for Maryville, TN. Think Craigslist.) How does one go about getting such results with (U.S.) zip code only?

I'm assuming the answers will be some API's to query. I've found sites that will return an HTML page with the exact city, but I'm hoping to find something that A) will return JSON, XML or text data vs. HTML, and B) will return the nearest or encompassing metro.

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Actually, that ZIP code belongs to Maryville, TN.

You can try an API like LiveAddress. Here's an example using the homepage demo. I work at SmartyStreets and our data is updated monthly.

The API calls are very simple to make:


Here's the response:

        "input_index": 0,
        "city_states": [
                "city": "Maryville",
                "state_abbreviation": "TN",
                "state": "Tennessee"
        "zipcodes": [
                "zipcode": "37803",
                "zipcode_type": "S",
                "county_fips": "47009",
                "county_name": "Blount",
                "latitude": 35.7082,
                "longitude": -83.974

For low-volume usage, it's a free service.

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Thanks Matt, that's awesome. Do you have anything, though, that can grab Maryville's nearest metro (which would be Knoxville)? If I'm serving content for the Knoxville area, I would want anybody who punches in 37803 (or other surrounding zip codes) to get Knoxville results. –  philtune Jan 3 at 17:36
Ah, I see what you mean now. It's not built-in to the API, no. –  Matt Jan 3 at 18:20
Thanks for the tool, though. I can certainly think of some projects to use that on. –  philtune Jan 3 at 18:36

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