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When adding subviews to a UIView, what's the difference between the methods addView: and insertView:atIndex:?

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You don't provide enough detail to answer your question. Do you mean UIView's addSubview and insertSubview:atIndex: ? –  Nimrod Jan 19 '10 at 2:33

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Both add a view to the receiver as a subview, which causes the view to be displayed if the receiver is displayed and positioned relative to the receiver.


  • addSubview: adds your view to the end of the subview list, which places it on top of the other subviews when drawing.
  • insertSubview:atIndex: adds your view at a particular position in the list, which places it above the subviews that come before it in the list, and below the subviews that come afterward.

[parentView addSubview:childView] is the same as [parentView insertSubview:childView atIndex:[[parentView subviews] count]].

Everything you need to know is here.

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AddView adds a view to an array of views.

InsertView adds a view into a specific position in an array.

Other than that, check the Documentation.

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