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I have a stored proc but I have no idea what is going on. so anybody could you please explain the stored procedure because based on this I have to modify the other stored procedure. Here it goes: **

@return_code int
@rows_deleted int outout
@batch_size int 
@purge_before datetime
SELECT @rows_deleted=0,
SET rowcount @batch_size
DELETE payee
WHERE cntct_dtm<=@purge_before
SELECT @return_code=@@error, @rows_deleted=@@rowcount
SET rowcount 0
RETURN @return_code
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It appears to take two values as input, an int to set the batch size, and datetime to set boundaries for the transaction.

  1. rowcount is set to batch_size to limit the number of rows affected in a single pass
  2. Delete from the payee table where the value of cntct_dtm is before the datetime value passed into the procedure.
  3. Save value @@error(most likely 0/1), and @@rowcount
  4. Change rowcount back to normal
  5. Return saved value of @@error
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