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I want my app to default to using English, but have an option for Swedish. Any device that wants a localization other than Swedish should use the English version of the app.

When I try to add a localization to my project, the only options I see are English, Japanese, French, German, and "Base".

How do I set up Swedish localization in Xcode?

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Can't you add Swedish Localization to your project? –  Bilal Saifudeen Jan 3 at 16:08

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Firstly you go to your Project --> Info

enter image description here

Then in Localizations submenu add your language.

Then in your xib/storyboard you can select it from the right menu (File Inspector):

enter image description here

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Yes, thank you. Now I get the possibility to select languages and add files as I want and change the text labels in a xib file. So far so good. But it does not work when testing on my phone. It is english all the time despite setting it up for swedish. What do I do wrong here. I know I have tested this earlier and it worked but that was with iOS6.Now I use iOS7 and Xcode5 –  Lars - Jan 3 at 17:47

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