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I've been trying to not obfuscate Def, an enum inside Abc:

package x.y.z;

public class Abc {


    private enum Def {

        boolean isXpto() {
            return equals(A_0);


To do so, I've tried things such as:

-keep enum x.y.z.Abc$Def {


-keepnames enum x.y.z.Abc$Def {

I've played with using enum/class, keep/keepnames, etc but it seems of no avail. I always get trouble with isXpto() and the infamous ENUM$VALUES field.

I've even (foolishly) to not obfuscate any enum:

-keep enum ** {

but all it only managed to give me even more problems, as now all ENUM$VALUES from all enums are throwing warnings.

Any indication on how to proceed?

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Your first solution and your last solution should keep the enum and all of its fields and methods. Obfuscating less generally can't introduce more problems. Can you elaborate on the trouble that it causes? –  Eric Lafortune Jan 4 at 16:25

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