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I am getting a non-deterministic crash in a library I am using which occurs a lot less frequently when the library's full debugging is turned on. I want to run it repeatedly until the program crashes, and then look at the detailed debug (let's assume that unit-test-command with args calls the code I am interested in)

This is the code I have in my script:


while [[ $(unit-test-command with args) == 0 ]]
    echo ""

However, not only does it only go through the loop once irrespective of the return value of the command (which is non-zero when it crashes), but it also only displays the output of my program, and not the output of the library debugging.

What I am doing wrong?

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$(command) expands to the console output, not to return code. For example, uname returns 0 and $(uname) returns "linux".

Try so:

while unit-test-command with args ; do : ; done
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while [ true ];do 
   unit-test-command with args
   if [ $? != 0 ];then    
       echo "failed"
   echo "didn't faile
   sleep 10
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