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In the setup of my app, I use Restangular.setRequestInterceptor() to call a function that shows a loading screen anytime I make a request with Restangular.

However, there is one spot in my app where I don't want it to call that function. How can I tell Restangular to ignore the setRequestInterceptor function for this one call?

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For anyone else that runs into this problem, it turns out Restangular lets you create a separate Restangular service with different configuration options than the global one. This example from the Restangular GitHub shows how:

// Global configuration
app.config(function(RestangularProvider) {

// Restangular service that uses Bing
app.factory('BingRestangular', function(Restangular) {
  return Restangular.withConfig(function(RestangularConfigurer) {

// Let's use them from a controller
app.controller('MainCtrl', function(Restangular, BingRestangular) {

  // GET to http://www.google.com/users.json
  // Uses global configuration

  // GET to http://www.bing.com/users.json
  // Uses Bing configuration which is based on Global one, therefore .json is added.
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