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I've encountered the following error while scripting in Python.

ERROR Tue 19. Jan 14:51:21 2010 C:\Python24\Lib\site-packages\win32com\client\util.py:0: Script Error com_error: (-2147217385, 'OLE error 0x80041017', None, None)

Unfortunately, I don't know what it means, or even what other information I might need to find out. Does anyone have any insight into this?

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Could you post a code snippet that reproduces the error? –  codeape Jan 19 '10 at 7:54
Someone found this useful –  inspectorG4dget Oct 28 '12 at 5:44

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Here's a page at the Microsoft site which might shed some light:

2147749911 (0x80041017)
Query was not syntactically valid.
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When doing python COM programming, I sometimes use VBA (in Excel) to test code that gives errors.

That way, I can see if the problem is in the Python-COM layer, or if I get the same error when using VBA. I have sometimes seen that the error messages in VBA have descriptions that the Python exception lacks.

VBA is quite nice for doing COM programming. You have tab completion/intellisense in the editor.

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VBA, COM, and "nice" shouldn't all appear in the same sentence! –  Seth Jan 19 '10 at 8:19

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