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I am trying to set up a Play application that will connect to a mongoDB using the ReactiveMongo Scala driver. I have gotten it working but would ultimately like to connect to a mongoDB that has been built with SSL support. Does ReactiveMongo provide the ability to connect to a mongoDB over SSL?

I have been able to connect over SSL with Casbah in the past using

            MongoClientOptions(socketFactory = SSLSocketFactory.getDefault)) 

I would like to use ReactiveMongo due to the asynchronous non-blocking nature, but I could use Casbah if that is my only option.

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I looked at the code and haven't found anything that would suggest ssl support. You can ask for help in ReactiveMongo user group, though:!forum/reactivemongo Also you can file feature request here – vitalii Jan 3 '14 at 19:47

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Reactive Mongo is built on Netty, adding SSL support shouldn't be much more than a line of code to insert the SSL handler into the Netty pipeline plus a few lines for making it configurable, I'd suggest making a pull request.

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