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There are two similar jstree I have on a page. I'm trying to drag and drop selected node and all children from one jstree to the next jstree. list structure looks something like this .

 <div id="groupManager_28">
        <li id="gp_sm_28"><a href="#">GroupDefinitionforMasterID:28</a>
                <li id="gp_sm_28_groups_0"><a href="#">Test</a>
                        <liid="gp_sm_28_groups_1"><a href="#">Finance</a>

                                <li id="gp_sm_28_groups_2"><a href="#">IT</a>

And the 2nd tree looks exactly the same.

The JavaScript associated with the tree is :

jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    var id = "groupManager_28";
    jQuery("#" + id)
                "core": {
                    "load_open": "true"
                "crrm": {
                    "move": {
                        "always_copy": "multitree",
                        "check_move": function(data) {

                    "create": {
                        "label": "New"
                "dnd": {
                    "drop_target": false,
                    "drag_target": false,
                    "default_position": "inside"
                "types": {
                    "max_depth": 7,
                "plugins": ["types", "dnd", "ui", "crrm", "themes", "contextmenu", "html_data", "checkbox"],
                // 'contextmenu' : { 'items' : customMenu }



which again for the other tree is the same just with the id = groupManager_13

What should i setup for the setting for check_move, dnd etc, such that i can copy a given node and all its children, from one jstree to the next

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I dont know which tree you're using nor am i too familiar with any in particular. however dnd:{... "drop_target" : false, "drag_target" : false, those are both false i assume you'll have to put a selector of the other tree –  Neta Meta Jan 3 at 18:25

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