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I want to remove all superfluous spaces from a .docx file. If there are cases where there are more than two, to accomplish this manually I need to do a search-and-replace for two spaces multiple times to get all of them, and it's hard to tell when I'm "finished."

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This code, using the docx library, accomplishes it:

private void RemoveSuperfluousSpaces(string filename)
    bool superfluousSpacesFound = true;
    using (DocX document = DocX.Load(filename))
        List<int> multipleSpacesLocs;
        while (superfluousSpacesFound)
            document.ReplaceText("  ", " ");
            multipleSpacesLocs = document.FindAll("  ");
            superfluousSpacesFound = multipleSpacesLocs.Count > 0;

Download docx from here.

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