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Im currently involved in a project that has used typescript to build its single page anuglar app. Unfortunately they have done no unit testing. Being new to using typescript i am having problems getting any testing going. An example test is below. followed by the typescript file

When i run the test it fails to find the controller !

(function() {
'use strict';

    describe('CarController', function() {

        // Load the controllers module

        var scope,
            CarController ;

        beforeEach(inject(function($controller) {
            scope = {};

            CarController = $controller('CarController', {
                $scope: scope

        it('should set the car name', function() {





module CarDealerApp.Cars.Controllers {
"use strict";

export interface ICarScope extends angular.Scope {
    carName : string;

export class CarController {

    carName:string = "Ford";

    // $inject annotation
    public static $inject = [

    constructor(private $scope: ICarScope){

        $scope.vm = this;



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wouldn't you want to expect scope.vm.carMake or can you just do CarController.carMake? –  Ben Rethmeier Feb 22 at 20:34

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Although what you have written there works, I suggest constructing your TypeScript controller (in your test) like so:

CarController = new CarDealerApp.Cars.Controllers.CarController($rootScope.$new());

Which is a cleaner construction, and is the proper way to do it when you're writing your TypeScript tests.

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Finally got this working. Basically I needed to pass in the full module name for the controller

CarController = $controller('CarDealerApp.Cars.Controllers.CarController'

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