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SSIS 2012....I want to post a success message to a SQL table in the same DB where I'm working. I created a variable called "InputRowCount" as Int32, and set it in the RowCount transform. Then, in a SQL Task, I set it as an input parameter, incidentally giving it a name. My DB connection is OLEDB, so the book says I just use a "?" to reference the lone Parameter (I expect to insert more parameters later....) It gets a "Parameter name is unrecognized" error. Here's the SQL Statement:

[Edit...now I get that the parameter type cannot be deduced...]

[Execute SQL Task] Error: Executing the query "INSERT INTO dbo.tblpendingmessages ([Recipi..." failed with the following error: "The parameter type for '@P1' cannot be uniquely deduced; two possibilities are 'float' and 'datetimeoffset(7)'.". Possible failure reasons: Problems with the query, "ResultSet" property not set correctly, parameters not set correctly, or connection not established correctly.

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 INSERT INTO dbo.tblpendingmessages 
    (N'CPAS_Administrator@xxxxxx.COM'           -- Recipient
    ,N'All Projects Import'             -- Subject Line
    ,N'ALL Projects Import has replaced ' + FORMAT(?,'N','en-us') + N' rows of the AllProjects Table in CPAS.'  -- MessageBody
    ,GETDATE()                  -- MessageGenerated
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Can you post the full error? –  Zane Jan 3 at 20:15
What does your Parameter tab look like? –  billinkc Jan 3 at 20:19
A screen shot of the parameter tab would be super helpful. –  Zane Jan 3 at 20:19
If your ParameterName is NewParameterName, then you will need to replace that with 0 –  billinkc Jan 3 at 20:26
Can it be the FORMAT() function? –  JimS-Indy Jan 3 at 22:18

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