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When an item is added to a cart it willI have a five select_lists within a div that I need to get the selected option for using the page-object gem.

The code looks like this:

<div id='item_basket_235423423'>
  <select_list id = 'fruit_23423423'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'fruit_24533424'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'fruit_26352321'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'fruit_23462425'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'fruit_23346342'>...</select_list>
<div id='item_basket_23423464'>
  <select_list id = 'veg_684341'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'veg_65181351'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'veg_86516843'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'veg_21676919'>...</select_list>
  <select_list id = 'veg_9831568'>...</select_list>

This finds all the select_lists:

select_lists(:selected_basket_fruits, :id => /fruit/)
select_lists(:selected_basket_vegetables, :id => /veg/)

From here I am not really sure how to find the selected option for each one. I am using ruby/cucumber/watir-webdriver and the page-object gem.

As always your help is appreciated.

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The accessor:

select_lists(:selected_basket_fruits, :id => /fruit/)

Will define a method that returns a collection of matching select lists:


This is an enumerable, so you can iterate over it with methods like each. When iterating, you can use the selected_options method of select lists to determine the selected options.

page.selected_basket_fruits_elements.each do |select_list|
  p select_list.selected_options

Note that selected_options returns an array of selected options.

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Thanks Justin! I will give that a try. I tried something similar but had no luck which is why I asked. –  Jay Sandals Jan 4 at 0:03
If I wanted to push this code to the page file rather than my steps how would I wait for these select_lists to be present. I tried selected_basket_fruits_elements.when_present do ... but I get a when_present undefined. Same issue with when_visible. –  Jay Sandals Jan 6 at 1:19
Waiting for a collection of elements is a little bit more complicated. You need to be able to explain (to the code) what to wait for - ie what does it mean for the collection to be present? Do you expect there to be a certain number of elements or do you just want to proceed when there is at least one element in the collection? –  Justin Ko Jan 6 at 2:53
I just ended up waiting for the first element to be present. Thanks for your help. –  Jay Sandals Jan 6 at 3:11

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