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How can I enter design view in SQL Server Management Studio 2012 on my tables when accessing windows azure database?


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Unfortunately, SSMS 2012 doesn't support many of the nice features when connected to Azure SQL DBs.

However, VS2013 does support a lot more features. Connect the DB in the SQL Server Object Explorer of VS2013 and you can get a similar design view.

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You can't at the moment. You're restricted to using T-SQL or, alternatively, the web-based management portal which does provide design capabilities for Windows Azure SQL Database or Visual Studio Object Explorer

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Just use the web based portal to edit the table if you already have data.

Otherwise, drop and recreate the table via T-SQL.

You can execute TSQL from both SSMS 2012 or the web based portal with no issues.

ANSI SQL is the only way to fly!

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