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The following IBAction will run when I don't have bookCoverUp.alpha = 0; in the code, but as soon as I add that code, and try running the program, the IBAction stops working completely.

    bookCoverUp.alpha = 0;
    //this sends you to the desired viewcontroller
    SimpleTableView *newWindow = [self.storyboard
    [self.navigationController pushViewController:newWindow animated:YES];
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are you getting an error or is the method never called? What is the problem? –  connor Jan 3 at 21:55
Add a breakpoint to see if it still gets run. –  Gavin Jan 3 at 21:56
If bookCoverUp is the respective button then @BlackRider has mentioned the expected behaviour. –  ldindu Jan 3 at 22:17
Using the help you guys gave me I figured out a way around this. Thanks for all the help everyone! –  Just_chillin Jan 4 at 19:19
Instead I just made it so the visibility relied on a boolean, then changed the boolean value for a new instance of the class when the action was necessary. –  Just_chillin Jan 4 at 19:20

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This is the expected behavior for invisible views.

From the Apple doc:

To hide a view visually, you can either set its hidden property to YES or change its alpha property to 0.0. A hidden view does not receive touch events from the system.

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If you're looking to create a transparent button, change your button type to "Custom" (or in code, UIButtonTypeCustom) and don't give it a background colour or background image - it is transparent by default.

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