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I have 15,000 numbers ranging between 1000-8000. Each number is assigned to one of six categories and subcategories, in some cases there are overlaps. Sample data:

value  cat1    cat2
2333   WHITE   A
2334   ORANGE  B
2335   ORANGE  A
2335   WHITE   B
2336   ORANGE  A
2336   WHITE   B
2336   RED     C
2337   RED     A
2338   RED     A
2339   RED     A
2340   RED     A

What's an efficient way of combining these values as such:

  • White: 2333, 2335-2336
  • Orange: 2334-2335, 2336
  • Red: 2336-2340

Use case: Given a value such as 2338 A what is an efficient way of retrieving the cat1 value of RED?

For this use case, what would be a more efficient way of storing these strings to test against?

Language preference is JavaScript, PHP or MS Excel

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The records are already in Excel? If you want to use PHP wouldn't it's better to transfer them into a database? – kennytm Jan 19 '10 at 5:40
Currently the numbers are in Excel but can be transferred to MySQL or other format, whatever suits - the storage of the data isn't a factor this can change, the question is as to how to manipulate the data once it is available. – Peter Craig Jan 19 '10 at 5:42
OK. Is your question "given cat1 = Red" how to output value = 2336~2340" or the Use case i.e. "given 2338 A how to output cat1 = RED"? – kennytm Jan 19 '10 at 5:47
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To me it seems your looking in the wrong place for your solution.

The MOST efficient way to do the type of "retrieving" any variation/combination of your data is to "query" a database.

If it was me I'd dump all my data in MySQL and do simple query from there:

$num = 2338
$letter = A


FROM dataSet
WHERE value = $num AND catb = $letter

Change your search values accordingly.

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yeah I reckon that's how I'll do it. I was thinking initially to have a large array of ranged in JavaScript if MySQL isn't available. – Peter Craig Jan 19 '10 at 6:02

Because this question is tagged Excel, I will mention that you can use ADO and Jet to query Excel.

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