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I am trying to make a google app (using the GAE) which would display all my emails from 2 different gmail accounts on the same page.

I had a look at the previously asked questions on the net and the usual answers are:

  1. use IMAP

    Seems rather difficult and many have tried and failed. Not even sure it works at all the way I want it.

  2. Use an RSS feed aggregator/ Atom feed aggregator .

Not even sure what an aggregator is. People have given as example: feedaemon and feedreader. The problem is that both seem to cost money, HOWEVER, EVEN IF there is a free version the google docs clearly state that : "Please keep in mind that Gmail messages will appear in your aggregator only if there are unread messages in your inbox"

3 . Use Context.io

Rather not use any third party API for this. I tried and had issues compiling their examples. I guess that if I spend some extra time and get a lot of things right I would get it working but as aforementioned I'd rather not use it.

  1. Use Appscrips

Ok. This seems cool. Let's say I have a script which fetches and sends every email message to GAE. GAE does everything needed to display all messages correctly. Is there a way to integrate this script into the GAE app itself and run it every time I need it to?

Please correct me if I am wrong about any of the above. Or if you have any other suggestions, please share. I have JUST started using google tools. i find them quite fun but everything is a bit confusing still.

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Check out this python lib. It might make things very easy for you. –  abraham Jan 4 at 3:07

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If you decide on using Python, make sure to read this page:

Google APIs Client Library for Python

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