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so on 960:s homepage you can customize the grid and download the fluid version. so if i want a flexible grid this will do?

what's the thing about fluid 960 grid system? there are only 12 and 16 column versions. what if i have generated a 24 columns fluid version with 960 custom generator?

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The custom CSS generator helps you use the same concept behind 960 but with other variables, and a fluid version as well. It was developed by Spry Soft and was based on 960.gs.

You can customize width, number of columns, and if you want a fluid layout using that generator. You might want to start with a simple site using just 960gs to get the hang of it before trying a 24 column fluid width layout.

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are there any good tutorials taking up the other selectors like .suffix_x .prefix_x .push_x .pull_x .clear_fix? cant find any, and why dont they have a manual on their website for this. what is the point of releasing a product without manual to explain how to use and depend on various 3rd party tutorials that dont even take up everything?=/ –  ajsie Jan 19 '10 at 7:32
@noname First, if you "View Source" on their demo page (960.gs/demo.html) you can see suffix and prefix in use as well as clear. push and pull should be combined with position:relative to move an element to the right (push) or to the left (pull) by a certain number of columns. Finally, 960 is not a product (which implies sale) but is a free open-source project which are characteristically under-documented. Sorry I don't have better news! –  Doug Neiner Jan 19 '10 at 7:58
yes i understand that its an open source, but i just thought since there are just a few selectors it wouldnt take much time to just write a quick manual for which selectors are available and how to use them. would take just 1 min to read it through and understand. however, thanks for your explanation. –  ajsie Jan 19 '10 at 8:13

you can try fluid24 it is a fluid 24 columns grid system based on 960.gs

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