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After decoding my crash report some of the line numbers do not show. Particularly they are functions that are being called from a subproject I am compiling as a static library. It will look something like the following.

Thread 0 Crashed:
0   MyApp          0x00112233 - [MyLibraryFunction doSomethingElse] + 55
1   MyApp          0x33445566 - [MainProjectFunction doSomething] (MainProjectFile.m:100)

Is there a flag I can set on my subproject so that the line numbers get put into the proper place so that they are available for the crash reports? It would be very helpful to know the exact line being executed for the static library functions so that the developers of that library can take a better look.

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You most likely stripped the debug symbols from the static library when building. –  Kerni Jan 4 at 0:36

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