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I will describe my situation. I have a controller class, which is passed a Product instance, then, I merge that into a local Session instance, in order to work with the object connected to the DB because it has lot of attributes that are relationships to other tables..

The problem is that i get a TimeOut error (due to QueuePool limit of size 5 overflow 10 reached) when I have several instances of the controller class running...

I don't know how to handle it. The only way I found, was to create an attributes array, expunge Product instance, and work with that attributes in an "offline way". Then, set the Product instance attributes again, getting the values from the array, and... Merge it in a new Session instance, just for saving it!... But, I don't know if this way is viable.. I mean... (and like i said), i have several attributes that are relationships, so... i have to create a session each time that i want to access that data! (or i will get an error)

What do you recomend me to do??

Regards and sorry for my english!

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