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EDIT: Here is the code that sets the PHP variable "photofilename":

   $photofilename = "C:\XAMPP\htdocs\ourWEbSite\images\coolPhoto.jpg"

I also tried this to make sure this wasn't a 'displaying a server file path in an input in the browser" security issue, and I get the same error message:

  $photofilename = "HELLO";    //  this gives the same error message!

ORIGINAL POST: I'm trying to set the "value" on an input tag with a PHP variable and it is generating this error:

   <br /><b>Notice</b>:  Undefined variable: photofilename in <b>C:\XAMPP\htdocs\ourWEbSite\pageFour.php</b> on line <b>372</b><br />

Despite this error -- just one line above the html input tag that generates this error, I successfully use the exact same PHP variable in an img tag and the image appears on the page.

Here's the code:

      <img id='theSelectedImage' src='<?php echo $photofilename ?>' />
      <input type="text" id="theSubjectOne" style="width: 350px" value='Is-this-text-visible'/></br>     
      <input type="text" id="theSubjectTwo" style="width: 350px" value='<?php echo $photofilename ?>'/>

Here's what I see on the page:

(1) I see the photograph photofilename rendered successfully in the img tag;

(2) I see an input tag filled with 'Is-this-text-visible';

(3) I see an input tag filled with:
Notice: Undefined variable: photofilename in C:\XAMPP\htdocs\ourWEbSite\pageFour.php on line 372

Is there something about not being able to set the 'value' of an input tag using a PHP variable? I know, with certainty, that the 'photofilename' PHP variable IS, in fact, defined, because I use it just above the input tag in an img tag and it renders correctly.

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Add the contents of photofilename variable so everyone can see what it contains –  Andy Holmes Jan 3 at 23:23
Could you add paste all of your code in here ? –  user3152069 Jan 3 at 23:26
Please post the full php code that uses photofilename. Have in mind, the PHP variables are case sensitive. So photoFilename and photofilename is not the same variable. Also maybe you are unsetting the variable at some point. The operation you are doing, works just fine in PHP and HTML, there is no technical reason why it should not work, except a typo in the code or well, some kind of a bug, maybe you are populating the var from a GET or POST, and it works the first time, but after refresh it occurs.In any case, the full code would be helpful to identify the bug, you can redact sensitive info. –  Sinisa Valentic Jan 3 at 23:32
I added to my question the setting of the PHP variable photofilename -- see above. –  CFHcoder Jan 3 at 23:36
i made the same as @Sinisa Valentic and works too. –  dimimpou Jan 3 at 23:42
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4 Answers

check your code if you don't get your variable repopulated somewhere between 1st and 2nd line of

    <?php echo $photofilename ?>

the code you posted definitely works: check it on http://phpfiddle.org/

  <?php $photofilename='lalala';?>
  <img id='theSelectedImage' src='<?php echo $photofilename ?>' />
  <input type="text" id="theSubjectOne" style="width: 350px" value='Is-this-text-visible'/></br>     
  <input type="text" id="theSubjectTwo" style="width: 350px" value='<?php echo $photofilename ?>'/>
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Does it works like this ?

<?php $photofilename = "..."; echo $photofilename; ?>

If that all doesen't work just set it again before your variable it might seem retarded but if you need a quik fix oh well.

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@CFHcoder Did you add the semi-colon to both of the echo statements? The first line won't produce an error but the second line could throw it because the first line was un-parsed. –  sjagr Jan 3 at 23:34
@sjagr Yes, both have the semicolon -- no change, I can see the photo, but the input tag is filled with "Error: photofilename is undefined" which, by the fact that the photo IS IN FACT visible, I know this error message is wrong. –  CFHcoder Jan 3 at 23:40
I tried that and it works. Why then when I set photofilename to "HELLO" it still generates an error I do not understand. And why the photo represented by 'photofilename' in the img tag appears on the page fine, but just below that, the input tag says the exact same 'photofilename' is undefined? HOW? –  CFHcoder Jan 3 at 23:46
Well you could your full code :) ? The whole page you have, it's a tad difficult to help you out else. –  user3152069 Jan 3 at 23:50
You are just wasting everyones time not providing the required information to solve your problem. –  Sinisa Valentic Jan 4 at 0:01
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The second line ends with an incorrect tag: </br>. It should be <br>. Can't see why that would produce a PHP error, but it's a start.

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Why is this downvoted? Prefer it to be a comment rather than an answer? That makes sense actually. –  Henry Blyth Jan 3 at 23:37
I didn't downvote but incorrect html tags wont cause the php error, it will simply be ignored, therefore no real value to the issue OP has –  Andy Holmes Jan 3 at 23:38
It is not an answer and does not solve OP's problem in any manner or form, nor does it even remotely help, since a PHP error is independent to HTML markup (unless stray HTML markup was accidentally put anywhere inside of <?php ?> tags.) Most modern browsers will convert </br> to <br> or <br /> with absolutely no difficulty as well. –  sjagr Jan 3 at 23:42
True - thanks guys =) –  Henry Blyth Jan 3 at 23:43
@HenryBlyth Please delete this answer, and, if you feel that it's useful, add it as a comment on the question. –  Trojan Jan 7 at 1:44
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<img id="theSelectedImage" src="<?php echo $photofilename; ?>" />
<input type="text" id="theSubjectOne" style="width: 350px" value="Is-this-text-visible"/></br>     
<input type="text" id="theSubjectTwo" style="width: 350px" value="<?php echo $photofilename; ?>"/>

You may need to add ; to the end of your php strings to show that it is the end of the string. <?php echo $photofilename ?> becomes <?php echo $photofilename; ?> or simply <?=$photofilename?> as <?= is shorthand for echo.

Your line:

$photofilename = "C:\XAMPP\htdocs\ourWEbSite\images\coolPhoto.jpg" needs a semicolon $photofilename = "C:\XAMPP\htdocs\ourWEbSite\images\coolPhoto.jpg";

But you must attempt to see if adding a semicolon to both echo statements work.

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Thank you, this was suggested below by user3152069; I've made that change, I added the semicolon, unfortunately, although the photo is appearing, the input says the exact same PHP variable '$photofilename' is "undefined". To make sure this wasn't a security issue (displaying a server-side file path in an input tag) I also tried setting the value of '$photofilename' to "HELLO" and it still reports the same error: "$photofilename is undefined" –  CFHcoder Jan 3 at 23:31
OP has explained $photofilename is defined two lines before it is undefined. –  Henry Blyth Jan 3 at 23:31
@Andy Holmes, semicolon didn't change anything if php code is one line. Its the same. –  dimimpou Jan 3 at 23:33
@CFHcoder Then please put your full code so everyone can see what you're working with. –  Andy Holmes Jan 3 at 23:35
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